Ferris State University Off Campus Housing

Hillcrest Oakwood Property offer a living experience for anyone and everyone! We offer two communities; one to the north of campus and one to the south of campus. Oakwood Townhomes and Hillcrest Apartments are a great value and unique living experience that are unmatched in the Big Rapids area! Catering primarily to students at Ferris State University, Hillcrest Apartments and Oakwood Townhomes makes a great rental option for everyone!.

Student Living Redefined

Are you looking for student housing near Ferris State University? We have a home for you! We offer the best off-campus living experience here at Hillcrest Oakwood Property that cannot be beat! Our apartments are conveniently located within walking distance of Ferris State University which makes the commute to campus, restaurants and shops a breeze. You’ll be able to enjoy all the best restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues in the area!  This includes all the local college-town dives that are a necessary part of the college experience.

Optimize your space in the Oakwood Townhomes with walk-in closets, open-concept living and dining room! You can maximize your living space with a large kitchen and living area. You’ll enjoy free internet and included cable, on-site laundry, and outdoor living with our large outdoor decks!  You can enjoy this space with the financial benefit of roommates and ample room for yourself. Oakwood Townhomes is located at 19700 14 Mile Road, just south of Campus!

The Hillcrest Apartments are our two-bedroom apartments located at 1101 Fuller Avenue, just north of campus. Hillcrest Apartments features stainless steel appliances, faux wood flooring, double vanity sinks, complimentary laundry, cable, and high-speed internet that is included in your rent! Whichever you choose, our apartments or townhomes, you’ll find an experience you’ve always wanted with your choice of two to four-bedroom apartments or townhomes. 

Connect with us today if you have any questions, and apply online to reserve your spot in our Big Rapids community! We can’t wait to have you here!